From July, the 1st, 2020, TecDoc Web Catalog 3.0 will be available to all our users from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania.
The new TecDoc 3.0 has arrived!
The new TecDoc 3.0 has arrived!

For existing users, access to the new version of the TecDoc catalog will still be provided via the Login form on the page and the personal login data will remain the same. TecDoc catalog 3.0 is available to all users at no additional cost. The new, improved version of TecDoc is optimized for use on tablets, allowing access to data anywhere, anytime. Version 3.0 is very user-friendly, intuitive, and enables faster searches and more accurate results. Due to the improved deep integration of repair and maintenance information at the article level, a wide range of manufacturer-compliant information is available during spare parts searches. You can find out more about TecDoc catalog 3.0, as well as the information on how to purchase a license, via our contact page.

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