SmartCAL is a web application that interprets vehicle damage estimations containing OE numbers into an offer of equivalent aftermarket alternatives.


  • SmartCAL automates identification of aftermarket replacement parts for trade customers
  • Streamlines the insurance companies processes for communicating vehicle estimate recommendations to their repair shop partners
  • Offers trade parts suppliers with additional sales channels

How it works?

Vehicle damage estimates containing OE numbers are processed by the SmartCAL application. SmartCAL recognises OE numbers and then interrogates the database. For each recognised OE reference, SmartCAL displays aftermarket alternatives according to pre-configured rules which determine preferred brands and policy. SmartCAL displays all details and information for these aftermarket parts including prices, availability, vehicles application, discounts and etc. After selecting the aftermarket parts, users are provided with the information on potential savings resulting from selection of these parts. The selected parts can be provided with automatic orders created and sent directly to suppliers.

During the selection process users have the insight in the following information:

  • Calculation of total damage value
  • Value of the selected OE parts from the calculation
  • Value of the selected aftermarket parts from the calculation
  • Total savings between selected OE and aftermarket parts
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