We are pleased to represent company of family Lazarides from Athens, which has been operating successfully for 12 years in the world of automobile industry all over Greece.
We are pleased to represent company of family Lazarides from Athens
We are pleased to represent company of family Lazarides from Athens

After long cooperation, concerning usage of TecDoc catalog, RV Trade, and QUANTUM -AutoMARKET expanded their cooperation to higher partner and technical level. The management of RV Trade decided that future business, selling and communication with buyers, be based on usage of QUANTUM-AutoMARKET's products. After a successful testing period, the Agreement of long term cooperation is signed. Indecision on choosing the direction of future market performance, which is characteristic of all managers who should make such important decision, definitely is solved after a first positive reaction from buyers' side and from the side of RV Trade employees. 

The employees in RV Trade with pleasure accepted new system and in a short period of time arranged  their customer the view of the complete range of products which they sell. That it is a serious and extensive work, proves the fact that the products which exist in webshop base are world's most famous manufacturers like MSI-MOTOR-SERVICE, Viktor Reinz, BOSCH, Wahler, Hans Pries, IPD, Meinzer, Brechman, ABS, Corteco, KYB, Meyle, Optibelt, Huco. From their assortment, the most are emphasized spare parts that are built into the model of the following vehicle manufacturers: Volkswagen, Audi, Opel, Reno, Citroen, Peugeot, Mercedes, Fiat, BMW, Ford. Simple use of tools which make complete webshop system, enabled a large amount of information, in integration with ERP system, to be detailed viewed in short period of time.

Quality of displayed information for every article enables security when choosing a part, and with a required review of the price and discount for a single buyer and for a single article, does not allow to a buyer to make an incorrect selection of the parts.

Although they have fifteen years experience in auto parts selling, the employees in RV Trade was also in a situation that they could not qualify and in a short period of time present new articles and business activities to their buyers. Informing buyers by business fax, email and direct contact take a long time and there was more and more new information on a daily basis. According to the fact that this information is the daily duty of the employees, and while beside them they have a lot of others, for selling of important activities, using of the modern tools from webshop system some of the activities have been reduced to only a few clicks, whereby the forwarded information is much more comprehensive.

Monitoring of activities in webshop is an important segment of RV Trade's business operations, because on the basis of quality information of the application, accompanying statistics, it is possible to plan future customer communication comprehensively.

According to good communication and mutual pleasure with establishing of new cooperation, we expect long term and successful cooperation with RV Trade company.

Our team develop new and improve current solutions every day in order to meet the market requirements and improve business operations of our partners.

The conclusion is that webshop as a way of communication is not a privilege of sellers from the west, it is already a need for spare parts distributors all over the world. For that reason we are  inviting you to consider the mode of your future business operations and with a right choice, to strive the aim to became a link in a chain of the success.


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