It is a pleasure to announce the news that we achieve business cooperation with Matrix company, with which we expanded the business operation of QUANTUM – AutoMARKET to the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.
New business cooperation with Matrix company from the Republic of Macedonia
New business cooperation with Matrix company from the Republic of Macedonia

Matrix company was established in 1999 in Skopje as the exclusive distributor of the German manufacturer of parts for passenger and commercial vehicles.

Assortment of the leading Macedonian company is located in a modernly equipped warehouse of 1,000 m2, from where more than 700 spare parts distributors and 14 public companies are supplied throughout Macedonia.

As in present time a market changes daily, and customer expectations are becoming higher, the company Matrix has taken steps to improve their business through the use of modern technologies and the introduction of world-recognized quality standards.

On the basis of the fact that the founders are for a year's successful traders, our system was recognized as an important element for further improvement of business processes.

Establishing of Webshop system, management of Matrix company enables to their customers and employees easier and faster mutual communication, which as a result should show the increase in sales, facilitation of ordering and shortening of the time interval for forward high-quality feedback.

Using of numerous functionalities contained in our system, such as Odyssey Online, marketing tools, statistical reports, Matrix company expects to achieve significant results both in terms of business organization and inventory planning, and in terms of significant financial and time savings.

Thanks to the dedication, training, and care of their customers, Matrix company become a trademark and a symbol of quality and trust, which has found its place in the world of automotive industry.

Our wish is that signing of the Agreement with Matrix company, marks beginning of one successful business cooperation, which we will improve on a daily level, to mutual satisfaction. 


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